Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

We care about your air. Regular, routine maintenance is very essential for your HVAC system. Think of HVAC Maintenance like going to your Dr. for a checkup, or having the oil changed in your vehicle.

Without proper HVAC Maintenance, the systems airflow is hurt and reduced, the efficiency of the system is impacted, the motors work harder which can lead to them failing prematurely. The result can be expensive repairs that could have otherwise been prevented.

We offer customer requested preventative maintenance, as well as yearly maintenance plans.

Yearly maintenance plans provide you with a HVAC Inspection and Cleaning 2x a year, Priority Service, and discounted parts on repairs if needed. It’s easy to get started and scheduled on a Maintenance Plan if desired.

We can help you with the following services:

  • Air Conditioning Maintenance Tune-Up includes:
    Verify Refrigerant Charge, Clean Condenser Coil, Check Contactor, Check Capacitors, Check Relays, Test starting capabilities, Tighten Electrical Connections, Test Condensate Pump, Inspect Belts and Pulleys, Clean Condensate Line, Measure/Record Temp Differentials, and Clean/Replace Customer Supplied Filters.
  • Heat Pump Maintenance Tune-Up includes:
    Clean Condenser Coil, Clean Condensate drain, Check Defrost Controls, Inspect Filtration System, Inspect Refrigerant Leaks, Tighten Electrical Connections, Inspect Auxiliary Heaters, Test Starting Capabilities, Measure/Record Temp Differentials, Clean/Replace Customer Supplied Filters.
  • Furnace Maintenance Tune-Up includes:
    Clean Burner Assembly, Inspect Filtration System, Clean Ignition Assembly, Test for Carbon Monoxide Leaks, Test/Adjust Safety Controls, Adjust Blower Components, Inspect Vent Piping, Check Combustion, Check Flue Draft, Tighten Electrical Components, Inspect humidification system.

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